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9 03 2011

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Best Socks Ever.

6 03 2011

Yesterday, the kidlets, my mother, a passel of Sock Critters and I attended the 7th Annual Sock Monkey Festival at Midway Village Museum in Rockford.

There was a lot going on, some truly great shops present, and even a wedding.

However, the best thing there was a woman named Hilly selling knit socks. She uses an antique Gearheart sock kitting machine which is hundred seven years old.  She does the heels by hand, and she lets you watch. It’s a very slow and labor intensive process, and Hilly spends hours on her socks.

Her craftsmanship is refreshing in a world of slap dash crafting (don’t even get me started on the baby sock monkey my mom bought my daughter which already needs surgery because the tail fell off…) and I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with her while she worked on a sock.  More delightfully, my mom purchased two pair of her easy care Merino wool socks for me.

She gave me a nifty pair comprised of all her various odds and ends of yarn, and another more formal ribbed yellow and orange striped pair which remind me vaguely of the fourth Doctor.


I love how these two don’t quite match, and are verigated delightfulness instead.

These ones are longer than the others, and I love how she’s done the ribbing. I bet that was more work.  The ones she was working on while we spoke with her had a sort of diamond pattern to them.

Of course, I  couldn’t wait to try them on, and was giddy like a school girl, looking at how nicely the heels were turned, and when I tried on the first pair, I was in heaven.

So, if you have a sock snob in your family, I highly suggest checking out Hilly’s work. She has an Etsy shop, Old Homestead Textiles, and if it’s not stocked, I’d recommend sending her a convo, because her work is worth it.

Disclosure- I was not compensated for this, I’m just really excited about my new socks.

Geek ‘rents Treasury!

4 03 2011

Check it out, my Doctor Who sock monkey was featured in this great Treasury, proving that great minds think greatly.

You can check out the curator’s shop here.


1 02 2011

Go check out Paisley & Pretties for a radtastic giveaway, and check out the correlating Paisley & Pretties Facebook Page for updates about giveaways, great products, and what the kids are up to.

That’s right, we’re talking a custom brown Little Punk or a Raggedy Rebel, designed by me, just for you!

You might want to grab some buttonage while you’re at it!



All that hair

25 01 2011

Ever wonder how I do the hair on my fabulous Raggedy Rebelz? Check out my fun yarn hair tutorial for the double bun pony tail rag doll hair from this spiffy pink haired Rebel.

Pinktastic Rebel

Go check out how to make the cutest hair, possibly ever.

Wordless Wednesday: Geta and Pink

19 01 2011

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Wordless Wednesday: Dolls with Radditude

12 01 2011

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